InReach Launches New Partnership in Malad City, Idaho

Nell J. Redfield Memorial Hospital in Malad City, Idaho announced it has entered into an agreement with InReach Community Dx to create and manage a laboratory outreach program. The goal of the program is to use the advanced, high quality laboratory that the hospital already runs to support patient’s laboratory needs in the surrounding area and recapture testing revenue currently being routed to national laboratories. This is part of an ongoing strategy by the hospital to make full use of staffing and facilities they already manage. This strategy has led to a successful revitalization and financial recovery for Nell J. Redfield over the past several years.

“Over the past several years our organization’s community presence has consistently grown. Partnering with InReach will allow us to continue growing while simultaneously bringing more services to this community and neighboring communities. The partnership will also allow us opportunities to provide quicker turnaround times on many critical labs both for us and for external provider groups at a vital moment for rural healthcare.” Hospital CEO John Williams stated.

Sean McShane, CEO for InReach Community Dx shared “The ability for rural healthcare and particularly Critical Access Hospitals like Nell J. Redfield to survive is based on their ability to maintain and grow support in the local communities to utilize the services they already provide. This means they can’t just treat them as an emergency room. Better utilization of the hospital core services means revenue now going outside the community can be recaptured and fund local infrastructure and jobs”.

Providers in communities throughout northern Utah and portions of SE Idaho will have access to the program which, in addition to high quality laboratory services, will include state of the art IT connectivity to providers, the opportunity for phlebotomy services in the providers offices and highly personalized, local service.

InReach Community Dx has a successful history managing the outreach program of Lost River Medical Center in Arco, Idaho. “Our partnership with InReach Community Diagnostics has been a game changer for our little hospital. The program has had an immeasurable impact on our ability to raise additional revenue for our hospital and provide quality patient care in our region” said Brad Huerta, CEO Lost River Medical Center. Sean McShane added, “We see this as a logical geographic extension of our already successful programs in Idaho”.

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